Protaras is a paradise beach resort and beach town in the East on the south coast of Cyprus Protaras has some of the worlds most stunning beaches and is home to the famous Protaras sea caves and coves and capes like Cape Greco. All beaches in Protaras proudly have the EU blue flag for high standards, cleanliness and facilities. Protaras offers a range of accommodation with mid range accommodation to holiday villas to luxury beach front hotels with brilliant facilities.

Protaras has a main shopping and entertainment strip which stretches alongside the main strip of beachfront hotel resorts. Take a walk day or night, there’s always good weather and plenty to see and do and the area is very well presented. If you’re looking for a break from the beach; you can have lunch, a beer, or coffee; there’s many cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars in Protaras. Try the seafood or for an evening meal and enjoy the pubs and bars who carry on through the night, Protaras is also popular with Karaoke and sports pubs! There are many gift, souvenir and momento her novelty shops items such as sunglasses and collector knives as well as clothing and many other novelty products. Protaras has many high quality gold and jewellery stores if you’re looking for something special!
Apart from fantastic sandy beaches and a wide variety of restaurants and nightlife, Protaras also has various places of interest to visit, from Ancient churches to shows for the whole family. Here is a selection of the most popular places which are definitely worth a visit:

Profitis Elias

Profitis Elias is the church that sits on top of a rock at 115 meters. Another interesting spot is located in the heart of Protaras. The church of Profitis Elias dates back in the centuries, and was built before any residents have moved to Protaras. It takes 9 minutes and 156 steps to climb up to the top and meet the church. From the top you can enjoy the views of the whole town of Protaras, stretching from Cape Greco to the end of Kapparis. On a clear summer day, the views can also be stretched as far as the coast of Famagusta without the help of binoculars.
Tip: this magnificent spot is perfect for wedding events. It’s romantic and idealistic, and many couples chose it for their wedding ceremonies, or just for taking romantic wedding pictures.

Agioi Anargyroi

Agioi Anargyroi a white mosaic placed in the Mediterranean blue. This stunning location has challenged many photographers to zoom and dim their lenses in an effort to transform the beauties of this setting onto the photographic paper. During the early 80’s of the past century, the Christian Orthodox have built this small church on the edge of the rock, in order to show respect to three saints that spend most of their lives in a rock cave underneath the church. The church was also set to the specific spot in an effort to expose the Greek presence and domination on the island to the boats that were crossing the Mediterranean. It is located on the main road which drives to Grecian Park Hotel.
Tip: the spot is very challenging for professional and amateur photographers. You can also spend your time there with family or friends for a picnic (picnic facilities are laid one hundred meters away from the church).

Cavo Greco

A National Forest Park at the south-eastern end of the island in Protaras. This unique area has its natural beauty but also offers a wide range of interests such as cycling, riding, climbing, air sports, and hiking. There are about 300 plant species in the area. Also observed in the area are foxes, hares and various species of bats, reptiles and butterflies. To date, 9 trails have been constructed in Cavo Greco – Paralimni area.
For most of the visitors it is a thrilling experience to climb to the top, where you can enjoy the magnificent views or even watch a spectacular sunset. The spot is located between Protaras and Agia Napa near the coast.
Tip: the most adventurous people can enjoy the sunrise at around 05:15 in the morning during the summer time. It’s one of the most attractive experiences you can enjoy in that area. A good suggestion will be to take your partner along. You definitely need someone to share such grateful moments.

Fig Tree Bay / the best coast of the Mediterranean

The beach has taken its name from the many fig trees that were planted across the beach several years ago. The older people claim that the resort of Protaras has taken its name from the specific beach as they used to call it the fig of Protaras. Today people can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the bay which cover the white crispy sand. The spot is located at the end of the Protaras Hotels Avenue. This year, two brand new venues will open to offer catering services to the public.

Tip: The best swimming time is late afternoon when the twilight is reflecting the blue waters. It’s quiet, tranquil and relaxing and you can enjoy it with friends or family. The water temperatures reach up to 30 degrees Celsius during the summer months.

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